I’ve always believed that experience and knowledge work together to create something powerful and unique.  It’s called wisdom. 

With the passage my 70+ years on this planet I’ve learned a thing or two about wisdom and the most powerful lesson is this; life is truly fleeting. Each day we are given is a gift and should be lived with utmost grace, purpose, passion, and most of all urgency.

As strange as it may be, in spite of the ever-increasing number of birthdays I’ve accumulated, as well as the accompanying bumps and bruises, I must confess to feeling more alive and more optimistic about my future than ever and have a clearer vision about my purpose in life than ever. 

My goal in this final quarter of my life is to take every opportunity possible to share those lessons with anyone who will listen, young or old, and to do so through the various channels God has seen fit to gift me; whether the written word by way of blogs, articles, and books, through the spoken word by way of seminars, speeches, and podcasts. 

Step inside the pages of this website and you will find a few examples of exactly what it is that I do and why I do it. Most of all, I hope you will find some inspiration, encouragement, and perhaps even a smile. If you do, I will feel I have accomplished my purpose!