Entertainer + Writer + Storyteller = Communicator


I’ve been told more than a few times in my life and career (often by me) that you have to find a niche, you have to find that “one thing”, that “one chair” you are going to occupy, that you cannot spend you life and talents dabbing in a dozen different areas. 

As career building advice I’m sure that is sound and no doubt it has kept me from successes I might have enjoyed. d It’s just that I could never find that one—that one and only—niche.  There are too many things I love to do and to try to cast any one of them out of my life would be like cutting off an arm or a leg or my crooked nose or one of my floppy ears. I couldn’t. I can’t. I never did. I never will. 

I am me, plain and simple, for better or worse. I am a singer, a writer, a speaker, and more than anything else I hope through them all to be an effective, engaging, thought-provoking, educating storyteller. 

Please give a listen or a read. I’m glad to be able to spend this time with you! If you like what you find here, please contact me through the contact page. I am ready and willing to go almost anywhere, anytime to share the work I love with a hungry audience!

Ron Eckberg (2021)


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