An Introduction ...

Everything I do involves words. Words are my passion. Words are my living. Whether speaking, consulting, singing, writing, or casually conversing with clients, family, and friends, words are my vehicle. I love words. I love to use them and learn from them. I love to study them and learn where they come from and how they came to mean what they do. Like people, words have a past and a present worthy of knowing.

Words are powerful and pursuasive. With words I can make people smile, laugh, cry, and think. Through words I share thoughts, ideas, philosophies and stories.

This is a page devoted to words. Some are words to songs, put together in such a way as to rhyme and tell a story. Others are in essay or devotional form. Thumb through the pages of my mind and thoughts. I hope that you will find something that will encourage you, enlight you, educate you, or inspire you.

These words are my gift to you.

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